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Managing and directing children on film sets and photographic shoots
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The Services We Offer. What We Can Do For You.

We can provide child wranglers or baby wranglers for your shoot, and we can also provide additional personnel to take on other roles to aid and assist in a shoot with children. Here's an easy reference list of the services we can provide on set:

Child Wranglers who prepare children for their roles in film shoots and who aid in directing them to get the best shots in photographic shoots, getting the required reactions out of them in front of the camera. We find off set times are just as important in the preparation process and our child wranglers are also great catalysts for facilitating group bonding if you are hoping for group shots.

Help In The Casting Process. Our child wranglers can also be an invaluable asset in the casting process. You need to cast children that not only look the part, but also are able to follow instruction well on the day and our child wranglers are expert in knowing what to look for in child castings. They inherently determine and single out the children who are good listeners, not egocentric, and who work well with others.

Baby Wranglers. We have our own fantastic experienced baby wranglers, friendly fun professionals who know all the tricks of the trade in getting required responses out of babies. Very often not an easy task at all, but we have some of the best in the world and we are proud of it.

Off Set Activity Hosts. We can also provide jolly professional personnel to keep children calm, quiet and regulated off set. Children waiting around on set can otherwise be unsettled and find it hard to concentrate and focus. To keep them occupied and happy we host an all-day session of fun and activities, using our own full kit of age-appropriate games, puzzles, books, arts and crafts, balloon modelling, Lego, colouring, stickers and all manner of pastimes. Some of our hosts also entertain with conjuring and magic.

5)   We can provide personnel who monitor on set child monitoring (timing sheets) and to ensure correct safe guarding procedures.

6)   Kids On Set can also provide you with medics, nurses, first aiders, full kit paramedics

7)   Kids On Set can also provide you with chaperones who are experienced in both film and photographic shoots.
Four children play with Lego behind the scenes on a professional photographic shoot
Child wrangler Susannah gives a big thumbs up with three children as they sit playing on the floor
A young girl sees and points at an advert poster that she herself is in